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Molla Çelebi (Fındıklı) Mosque

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  • Construction year: 1570-1584?
  • The city it is located in: İstanbul
  • The borough it is located in: Beyoğlu
  • The neighbourhood it is located in: Fındıklı 
  • Address: Meclisi Mebusan Avenue, Fındıklı, Beyoğlu
  • How to reach the place: It is easily accessible using public transportation systems such as the light rail,metro, or finucular. Getting off at the Fındıklı tram stop, it can easily be found. From the Asian side, take board the Kabataş ferries from Üsküdar.
  • Monument type: Mosque
  • The function today: Mosque
  • The ownership: Directorate of Pious Foundations
  • The bibliography that link the building to Sinan: TE, TB, TM
  • Information about the monument: The Mosque was constructed by Kazasker Mehmet Vusuli Efendi, a Chief Judge in both Istanbul and Anatolia. Over centuries, it was damaged by a number of fires, natural disasters, and the 1950’s road construction campaigns. In spite of everything, the building still displays the details of the architecture of Sinan’s period. The portico was damaged and replaced with a wooden porch structure in the 18th century. During the 1957 restoration, following the road construction, this section was replaced with a five-dome wooden structure portico, based on its 16th century original form. The Molla Çelebi Bath House was destroyed during the same year in 1957. The minaret, which was damaged during the 1999 earthquake, has since been rebuilt.
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  • Last Update: 30.11.2015
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