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Architecture of Sinan

This section of the “Sinan’a Saygı” site relates to works spanning from April 2006 to February 2007. During preparation trips for the Sinan Excursion Map project, we visited all of the works of Sinan in Istanbul and Thrace. While creating the excursion map we referred to various calligraphic manuscripts to determine which works to include (such as Tezkiretü'l Bünyan, Tezkiretü'l Ebniye, Adsız Risale and Tuhfetü'l Mi'mârin). During these trips we compiled sketches and photographs to create a database of visual information, which served as a foundation for the Sinan the Architect: Work of Arts section; we also systematically took notes of details regarding each work of art. Intense research of bibliographic resources regarding Sinan the Architect was then carried out. This section has been made possible through such work and will soon be uploaded to this site, featuring Sinan’s work in Istanbul, Thrace, and greater Anatolia.

At this point, we would like to send our gratitude to the numerous researchers who haved helped establish our valuable bibliography. We would also like to ask for your contributions to help further develop and keep this section up to date.

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