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Support for the Project


The ÇEKÜL Foundation has brought the Respect for Sinan Project to its present state of completion with the knowledge, research, experiences, and efforts of its members, and its limited financial resources.  At this point ÇEKÜL is in search of support from other institutions.  For this reson it is important for the ÇEKÜL Foundation to form connections with other institutions that will share ÇEKÜL’s dedication for this project and provide technical and material support to develop the project even further.  Volunteers can work on various activities created within the 2007-2008 program, on specific sub-projects or, in general, to facilitate such institutional connections.

Modest but invaluable support can also contribute to efforts in developing the ÇEKÜL Respect for Sinan Library, by providing help in completing the missing books or documents in the collection.  The Respect for Sinan Library is within the ÇEKÜL Foundation Documents Center; it started by accumulating and classifying the necessary resources during the inventory process for this project and grew in time.  More than 100 books and periodicals with specific Sinan issues have been purchased and now makes-up most of the existing literature on Sinan.  This collection is open every day of the week to all academicians, higher education students, and all who may have an interest in this area.

The Respect for Sinan Library awaits your support in acquiring some of the rare books to complete the collection.  The name of the persons or the institutions that donate books and other documents to this library will be placed on each book, with acknowledgement and thanks from the ÇEKÜL Foundation.  We will greatly appreciate your help in enlarging this library, which presents the most complete collection of resources in Istanbul for research on Sinan and his works, to the scholarly community and to the public.

For information and communication:

Respect for Sinan Project, ÇEKÜL Foundation
Address: Ekrem Tur Street, No:8
  Beyoğlu, 34 405, ISTANBUL

Phone:  0 212 249 64 64, 0 212 251 54 44
Fax:  0 212 249 64 64, 0 212 251 54 45

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