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Mihrimah Sultan Mosque (Edirnekapı)

Google Map
Plan of the Complex
  • Construction year: 1562-1565
  • The city it is located in: İstanbul
  • The borough it is located in: Fatih
  • The neighbourhood it is located in: Edirnekapı
  • Address: Hatice Sultan Quarter, Fevzi Paşa Avenue, Edirnekapı, Fatih
  • How to reach the place: At the last stop of the Edinekapı bus route, the Mihrimah Sultan Mosque and Complex are located next to the old City Walls. This place can be easily reeached from such central locations as Kadıköy, Beşiktaş, or Taksim by a single ride on the bus.
  • Monument type: Mosque
  • The function today: Mosque
  • The ownership: Directorate of Pious Foundations
  • The bibliography that link the building to Sinan: TE, TB, TM
  • Information about the monument: The single domed mosque, which is the only monumental and grandiose structure in the complex, has been severely damaged by a series of earthquakes in 1719, 1814, and 1894. According to records, these quakes caused a crack in the dome; the minaret and the portico collapsed. Judging by its architectural style, the portico was probably rebuilt in the 19th century. The dome of the mosque, which was further damaged recently during 1999 Marmara earthquake, is under restoration at this time. The minaret is being rebuilt from halfway up. The twin bath house of the complex has lost most of its original features except its plan and its exterior walls. The bath house was closed in 2007.
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  • Last Update: 30.11.2015
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