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Sokollu Mehmet Paşa Bridge (Alpullu)

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  • Construction year: ?
  • The city it is located in: Kırklareli
  • The borough it is located in: Alpullu
  • The neighbourhood it is located in: Central Alpullu
  • Address: Alpullu, Kırklareli
  • How to reach the place: Located in central Alpullu, this bridge is behind the Alpullu Train Station.
  • Monument type: Bridge
  • The function today: Bridge
  • The ownership: General Directorate of Highways
  • The bibliography that link the building to Sinan: TE, TB
  • Information about the monument: Sinan designed and built this bridge for Sokullu Mehmet Pasha; it is also known as both Alpullu and Sinanlı, 123 m long, and considered to be one of the most picturesque of Sinan’s bridges. It connects Alpullu to Sinanlı over the Ergene River. Contrary to the other bridges in the Thracian Region, this one was not built on the main Sultan’s Road. Sinan was able to cross the river with a single span of 20 m. Other than this spectacularly large span, the viewing terrace on the bridge and the overflow basins he built with Bursa style arches will be well worth your trip to this structure. During the 1970s, the shops that were on the Sinanlı side were demolished. The municipal slaughterhouse adjacent to the Alpullu side was also taken out and rebuilt 50 m away from the bridge. Today, the dumpsite that is on the Alpullu side is the biggest problem for the bridge. Restored by the Department of Highways in 1983-87, this bridge is now closed to vehicular traffic and highly used as a pedestrian bridge by the inhabitants of Sinanlı who come to Alpullu for shopping.
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  • Last Update: 2.12.2015
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